Walking Now, Applying for College and Other Hobbies

by Jennie on 07/07/2011

Like sands through the hourglass…so…are the days…of our lives…

Who used to watch that soap? Anyone? Bueller? Yeah, so sands, hourglass…you get it. I haven’t posted in awhile – wait, didn’t I just post the other week? Oh no – that was TWO MONTHS AGO. WHAT?!

Did you know it becomes harder to post on your blog when your baby starts walking and can’t-sit-still-and-be-contained-in-any-way-shape-or-form? And then they start only taking one nap? What? When am I supposed to get things done?

Anyway. Nola is thriving. Doing all sorts of things and is right on track to be the genius/wonderful person we’ve all imagined. She started walking on Father’s Day (a much better present than a picture frame made from elbow macaroni in my humble opinion) and says a variety of obvious (read: only if you know baby-talk) words. She can say “car”, “truck”, “vroom-vroom” (for motorcyle and grandpa of course) “cheese” (naturally, being from Wisconsin) “wa-wa” (water) and goes “woof-woof” when she sees a doggie. To be a complete tease, she can say “ma-ma” and “daddy” but only on her watch, and not upon request. My favorite might be “be-booo” which means ROBE. The robe she wears after taking a bath. DUH.

She can operate our iPhones and send gibberish texts with the greatest of ease all while surfing the web and talking to her peeps. Oh. And she can do push-ups. That part is true – I’ll try to get video. And this year Nola went to Summerfest before us. My awesome party-status has been completely put to shame.

In other news, we have bought a house. Hooray! Chaos and moving to commence shortly…a typical July for the Quinn household.

Until the next time…enjoy our latest pics from Nola’s baptism.


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