by Jennie on 05/24/2011

Nola is one years old. Well today, she is actually 53 weeks and 2 days. But who’s counting. She is so fabulous and darling. Inquisitive and adventurous. And officially a toddler. One.

We had a small party for her the Saturday before her birthday. She was completely oblivious to the stress I was under prior to said party. Parents – how do you do this every year? You are insane. And undoubtedly, wonderful. Clearly I never understood what it takes to throw a party for someone that you want to give the world to, but in reality, can only give what time allows between work, grocery shopping, doing laundry, and breathing. We did the best we could…and I think…well, I think we did okay.


- Nola doesn’t like cupcakes. We tried vanilla and chocolate. Are they too messy? Perhaps. But she does like Cran-Orange Pumpkin muffins from Alterra. Which we generously gave her on the morning after the cupcake fiasco.

- You could literally pinpoint the moment when she realized that everyone was there for her. She went from shrinking violet to superstar in a matter of seconds. I wish we could have video taped that.

- Nola tried strawberries that day. And liked them.

I suppose there are a million things we could reflect on from her first year of life. I keep expecting to breakdown with emotion from the weight of it all…the growing up…the big girl she has become…the mom I am…the new obstacles to come…but it hasn’t really hit me yet. Or maybe I’m just okay with it. Finally.

Nola is down to one nap, and still enjoys an early bedtime. She is cruising about the room at mass speeds and I suppose it’s any day now that she’ll be walking all on her own. She can balance by herself and shows us some “jazz hands” in celebration when she actually lets go of the object that has helped her to stand. She says mama and dada and shakes her head “no” (where do they GET that from?!? like we ever shake our head no!!??!) and can never turn down an opportunity to dance.

Happy First Birthday Nola – you’ve put us on quite a journey – and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings. We love you! xoxo

ps: thank you sarah for taking such beautiful pictures. xoxo

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Kitty May 24, 2011 at 9:15 pm

and it went soooo fast!

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