Sunny Days

by Jennie on 04/20/2011

When we took these pictures, it was hot out. We’re talking like, 80 degrees. Sure – it was a fluke of nature. A formality in Wisconsin really, to tease its residents with a glimpse of Wonderful only to take it away and days later replace it with AWFUL. Now…raining, snowing, sleeting. GRO-OSS.

But it was such a fabulous day…let’s remember it now shall we? Sunshine-y loveliness complete with sunscreen and sun hat. Nola loved the swing. A baby swing for our not-so-little-anymore baby.

She’s going to be one in three weeks.

I don’t know whether to rejoice or sob. Or maybe both. That’s normal right? What a strange paradox of feelings. Proud of her independence and yet so nostalgic for the newborn that needed me for everything. I certainly don’t miss the sleepness nights…or do I? When she breastfed every 2 hours…and now…we’re down to only nursing once a day, before bedtime. It’s strange. I suppose this is what parenting truly is. Never really feeling certain of anything. Except love afterall.

We are looking forward to celebrating her birthday with a party. A small one with close friends and family. No clowns or balloon animals. But there will be cake, presents and loved ones from out of town waiting to witness all Nola’s new tricks.

It should be a good day, rain or shine.

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Kristy April 20, 2011 at 11:26 am

Yes, this is how parenting is…not sure of anything but the love you have for your little monkey.

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