Nola and Non-Nola-Related News (NNR)

by Jennie on 03/21/2011

This blog has been rather Nola-y lately. And that’s ok, because let’s be honest…it’s not like folks really care about anything else. But from time to time we get to do exciting things that don’t directly involve our lovely daughter, and that’s pretty fabulous too. A couple weekends ago, I left Nola for the very first time. It was for a good reason though…my dear friend Anne is getting married in May and on March 12th we showered her with all things bridal and bachelorette. It was awesome to see some of my most favorite people and spend some much needed time with Anne who has recently moved from Chicago (easy to visit) to Washington DC (hard to visit). Anne was looking quite spectacular and a great time was had by all. How was it leaving Nola you ask??? MISERABLE!!!! Of course she was left in the greatest of hands…her ever-responsible daddy and her loving grandparents. But in between sipping wine and laughing with the ladies…my mind was on Nola. I’m not sure I’m ever going to go somewhere again. Well. Ok. Except the wedding in May. But after that – staying put for the next 18 years.

Nola is officially 10 months old and is smart, loveable and strong. Here are some recent pics of her standing in her crib. How cute is the Strawberry Shortcake shirt? (courtesy of her godmother Sarah) xoxo

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