8 is great

by Jennie on 01/19/2011

Nola turned 8 months old on Sunday and is quite the little darling to be around lately. If doubtful, see above picture. Brian and I are basking in these relatively calm moments before she becomes totally mobile. Watch out world. We know this will be chaotic because she is already a record holder in the Baby Who Can Move the Fastest and Farthest in a Backwards Direction category so one can only imagine what she will accomplish when she actually starts moving forward. I am already starting to mourn the loss of some of my interior decorating as I know we will have to make some adjustments regarding vases on tables, pretty books in pretty bookcases and other pre-mobile-baby design decisions. Oh well, such is life.

Speaking of life, in general, things are peachy. Nola is learning to feed herself things like bananas and toast and these little baby-snack-things called Mum Mums. She still eats a steady diet of breastmilk and pureed veggies and fruits, but we are trying to give her “real people food” whenever applicable. ie: whenever I’m not terrified that she’ll choke on something. In regards to building her social life, last month I started bringing her to the gym with me where she plays (read: patiently waits for mom to be done) in the Kid’s Clubhouse. I’m not sure if she likes it. I’m not really sure if I like it. But the folks are nice enough, don’t have criminal records (as far as I know) and we want her to get used to being around other little people…juuuuusssssttttt in case she ends up being the only little person in our family.

SIDENOTE: Grandparents: Hold the phone, the jury is still out on this decision. We are waiting for some divine inspiration to give us guidance. So you may still think happy thoughts with regards to our family planning. Ok. That’s all for now :)

And lastly – we have happy news to report! Nola got her first tooth! It’s not one of the bottom ones, it’s not even one of the top middle ones…it’s the tooth that is right next to the front middle one. Whaaaaa? We’re not sure why this one decided to show up first…but it’s a darn good one and we’ll take it.

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Ali January 19, 2011 at 2:03 pm

She’s so beautiful! What are these mum mums? Will have to google them! Mobile baby is different but so fun too! We are waiting for the walking… Nervous about it but will be happy that won’t have to carry him all the time! At least I think that now…

Jennie January 19, 2011 at 2:11 pm

Thanks Ali! Mum Mums are these surfboard-shaped rice rusks…basically are like, paper-thin and can dissolve right in their mouth. It’s helpful to teach her to eat by herself, but doesn’t give me a heart attack thinking she’s going to choke :) Here is a little video of her eating one:

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