Sunrise Baby

by Jennie on 10/12/2010

We took these pictures the other morning because the light was so perfect. Nola had just woken up, had her breakfast and was now playing with us in our bed. Is there anything better than a baby in her jammies?

Nola is growing right along and will be 5 months on Saturday. According to her latest doctor stats, she is taller than 99% of babies her age, eating well and is a very healthy happy baby. She enjoys jogging with us in her new jogging stroller, putting her feet in her mouth and grabbing our faces to pull us close.

Recently, we started a new sleep routine, which thankfully has been working, save for the occasional nap. We’ve stopped rocking Nola to sleep, because while incredibly sweet to cuddle our drowsy baby, it was becoming quite the time-suckage and ultimately, was not helping her learn to fall asleep on her own. She was waking up a lot in the middle of the night and it just didn’t seem to be working anymore.

We let her cry it out. It was/is incredibly hard and I think it takes 10 years off my life each time I listen to it.

However, at night and more importantly in the middle of the night, we are able to put her in the crib while she is awake and she goes to sleep. As hard as it is sometimes…it’s been worth it.

I know we’re not out of the woods yet…there’s teething, vacations and sickness that will most likely rock the boat. And then she’ll be 2 years old wanting a glass of water before bed. But I feel like we’re one step closer. And getting some sleep ourselves.

Until the next time. xoxo

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Renee Adams October 14, 2010 at 4:59 pm

Oh sweet baby Nola. You look like a Christmas card here. I love snuggling with you…so if you want to be rocked, and mommy and daddy refuse, just call me. Lots of love, Penguin

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