by Jennie on 08/12/2010


It’s a hot steamy bath outside and the Quinn family has been hiding out in the cool comforting arms of their air conditioned apartment.

Nola has been quite busy conquering all sorts of things, but namely and most recently, the use of her head. In the photos above, she demonstrates her Tummy Time expertise and how she shows the Bumbo chair who’s boss. (Did I mention that the Bumbo gets stuck on her chubby thighs when we try to take her out??)

Naturally this advanced head strength leads us to believe she will become a world-class athlete of some sort.

And you can say you knew her when…

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Renee Adams August 27, 2010 at 4:30 pm

Baby Nola Penguin is so, so, so adorable doing her tummy time! How perfect is that face?

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