Gracious Nola

by Jennie on 08/05/2010

Dear Nola,

We believe you are going through your 3 month growth spurt, as your behavior has been a bit off as of late. However, this, combined with the fact that you just got your shots, is completely understandable. So, while I am a little sad that you were sleeping from about 8pm-6am with only 1 feeding the past couple weeks and are now waking up every 2 hours to eat…I am overjoyed at today’s small milestone: you are napping right in your crib! Not on me or daddy while we make efforts not to speak or move as to not disturb your sleeping!

I have gotten so much done this morning Nola. I hope you know this makes mommy very happy. LOVE  YOU!

ps. I miss you when you sleep. Even though I’m really happy that you are sleeping. In your crib. By yourself.

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