Box Mountain

by Jennie on 07/22/2010

Dearest friends…we are back…in Milwaukee that is…and living under Box Mountain. Or buried under boxes. However you want to put it. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. We’ve been able to unpack a little, even though the movers didn’t.label.anything. As in, not one box told us “Hey, how you doin’… I go in the kitchen.” or “You might want to put me in the baby’s room”. Nope – no talking boxes. But we found some dishes, and eventually the pieces for Nola’s crib…so fortunately we’ve been able to eat and put our baby down for the night.

Nola survived the crazy 3 days of travel including sleeping in a hotel one night, sleeping at Grandpa Jim and Gramma Kitty’s, and ultimately sleeping in her new home. And I think she’s enjoying Milwaukee just fine.

Walks to Alterra for coffee, walks to the Public Market for lunch and fireworks from the Summerfest grounds that come right through her bedroom window (although she usually sleeps through those). She got to meet some friends at Chill on the Hill in Bayview on Tuesday night and will be in touch with her artistic side while strolling around Gallery Night this weekend.

The jury is still out on whether we’ll survive.

Until the next time…xoxo

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