The Final Countdown

by Jennie on 05/01/2010

So here we are. One week out. Or maybe it’s less than that. Or maybe it’s more than that. This is the fun part, right? Nothing too much new to report. Going to the doctor every week and things are fine – so fine that Raisin really loves it in her current house. She moves around a lot and we try to explain to her that there is way more room out here to move. You know, if that’s what she’s into. Being active and all…

Speaking of…am proud to say that in my 38th week of pregnancy, I reached the next “fitness level” at my gym (think color belts in karate) by staying active and trying to keep things as normal as possible during this crazy time. Am thankful that I have been healthy enough to do so, and hopefully it will help after Raisin arrives.

What I have not been able to do though is run, but that doesn’t mean we can’t support our friends who *do* run. This picture was taken this morning as we went to cheer on my new friend and neighbor Kate, who at 20 weeks pregnant, ran a 5K this morning for the Race for the Cure right here on our Riverwalk. She did a great job and it was exciting to see so many people out and about.

So keep your fingers crossed for a healthy happy baby, very very soon. Before mama goes crazy. xoxo

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