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by Jennie on 08/29/2011

Hello Friends!

Here we are. Almost September and I can’t stop thinking about where we were last year compared to this year. Nola seemed sooooo little and now she’s soooo big (no seriously – we just had our 15 month doc appointment, she’s in the 99th percentile for height and weight). As in…she’s 30lbs and 33 inches.

She runs. No – RUNS! With strong legs and steady steps. Climbing over the hills at the sandbox, the holes in our (new) backyard…the 1.5 inch difference on the floor between our dining room and kitchen. She is brave and fearless. There are knee-scrapes and bruises to prove it.

And she says stuff. Maybe it’s because she has been hanging out with Heideman girls  (vocab-geniuses) but seriously – who is this girl? Oh what’s that? What does she say now? Ok, I’ll tell you.


Please. She says PLEASE.

There’s more. But I can’t remember them all. Mostly I think she’s happy to be in her new house. As are we.

This house feels like home. There still millions of boxes to unpack. Of course. But we have the important rooms settled (kitchen, Nola’s room, bathroom, our room). And now…we just have to get to the good stuff. Hanging pictures, rugs, pillows- and attacking our gigantic to-do list. GIGANTIC TO-DO LIST. Oh and that list is long. Believe me. But…what are you going to do? There are parks to go to. A zoo to take Nola to for the first time and like, other stuff. Like how I may or may not be watching The Bachelor Pad right now instead of folding laundry. Details.

How can we possibly do it all? I don’t think we can- for awhile. But we’re going to be here, in this house – for as long as I can see. For as long as the cats are happy to sit in the open windows. For Nola to run in our sparse yard, with one ball and the occasional piece of sidewalk chalk. It’s ok. We’ll figure it out.

In other Nola-news…here is a grand photo dump. Our first pool visit at the beginning of summer right up to our latest beach visit this past weekend. For you folks on Facebook – apologies for the repetition. For everyone else…Enjoy!

Until the next time…xoxo

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Like sands through the hourglass…so…are the days…of our lives…

Who used to watch that soap? Anyone? Bueller? Yeah, so sands, hourglass…you get it. I haven’t posted in awhile – wait, didn’t I just post the other week? Oh no – that was TWO MONTHS AGO. WHAT?!

Did you know it becomes harder to post on your blog when your baby starts walking and can’t-sit-still-and-be-contained-in-any-way-shape-or-form? And then they start only taking one nap? What? When am I supposed to get things done?

Anyway. Nola is thriving. Doing all sorts of things and is right on track to be the genius/wonderful person we’ve all imagined. She started walking on Father’s Day (a much better present than a picture frame made from elbow macaroni in my humble opinion) and says a variety of obvious (read: only if you know baby-talk) words. She can say “car”, “truck”, “vroom-vroom” (for motorcyle and grandpa of course) “cheese” (naturally, being from Wisconsin) “wa-wa” (water) and goes “woof-woof” when she sees a doggie. To be a complete tease, she can say “ma-ma” and “daddy” but only on her watch, and not upon request. My favorite might be “be-booo” which means ROBE. The robe she wears after taking a bath. DUH.

She can operate our iPhones and send gibberish texts with the greatest of ease all while surfing the web and talking to her peeps. Oh. And she can do push-ups. That part is true – I’ll try to get video. And this year Nola went to Summerfest before us. My awesome party-status has been completely put to shame.

In other news, we have bought a house. Hooray! Chaos and moving to commence shortly…a typical July for the Quinn household.

Until the next time…enjoy our latest pics from Nola’s baptism.




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